Welcome To Club & Pub Info

Venue information for professional entertainers.

So what is it all about?

This site was set up to provide information about venues for professional entertainers. As a professional act I am a member of several Facebook groups, every weekend I would see fellow acts asking each other the same questions.

"Anyone have any info about the xxxx club?" , "What are the set times?" , "What's the age of the audience?" , "Will I need bass bins?" and a dozen other similar questions. That gave me the idea for this site.

I thought why not build a searchable directory of venues with information specific to our work? Load difficulty, stage size, room size, facilities, audience age, spot times and reviews of the venues by other acts and the chance to actually see INSIDE the venue which you can't really do on Google.

Wouldn't it be nice to know what to expect before you get to a venue? To know how much gear you need to take? To know what songs may work best? THAT is what this site hopes to achieve.

For more detailed information click the button below. This site can save you time, money and muscle strain every week.