Example Listing Cromwell Club Grimsby

Cromwell Road Social Club, Cromwell Road GRIMSBY DN31 2BA

About the Venue

This is just one of the things that make our site really useful. How easy would it be to drive past this club a few times? It is set well off the main road and there are no clear signs that point to it.

It also helps to know what the club looks like before you go.

Performance Area Location

Ground Floor

Description of load

See Video

Changing facilities

Dressing Room

Images of inside of venue.

If there are images here you can click them to see the full-size version.

Lots of great detail here. Should you take a trolley for the load or is it not needed? Not all posts have videos but most do and the ones that do not will describe the load for you.

Is it upstairs? Is it downstairs? Is there a dressing room or are you changing in a toilet and so leaving that best sequin dress at home?


Video walkthrough

About the gig

Lots of useful stuff here. How much PA or lighting you need to take? This can save you fuel on a long trip by not carrying gear you do not need. Not to mention cut down the loading and unloading at home.

Number and length of spots

2 x 45 mins

Spot times



Self-contained only

Smoke machines allowed?


Payment method

No pick up

Material preferences


Age of audience


Children in the venue when performing?

No children

Lights Needed?

Not needed


Bass bins recommended

Noise/Decibel meter installed?


Any other info or the authors review of venue

This is a great little club. Audiences always seem to be up for a laugh.

When you get back home you can leave a review of your gig here just so other acts can see how you went. BE HONEST if you were treated badly let others know or if it was awesome and the venue REALLY looked after you let them know that too.

Have you worked here? Leave your review below.

Even if a venue is already listed you can add your review after you do your gig.

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