Gig Contract Wizard

As promised here is a simple gig contract wizard for any direct gigs you may book into your diary. If you want something more substantial for this then check out Giggio which is a full-featured platform for managing, contracting and invoicing your gigs.

Should I be contracting direct gigs?
ABSOLUTELY! You need to protect yourself against double bookings or last minute cancellations.

What if the venue won't sign a contract?
Then personally I would not be taking the booking. This is your living if they want to book you they should be committing to honouring that booking. I have been sending these out for years and make it clear at the start of the conversation that I will be contracting the gig. If they object the conversation stops there.

What if the venue doesn't honour the contract and double books or cancels last minute?

Then you have signed written proof to take to Equity or the Musicians Union. If you are not a member of one of those bodies you absolutely should be, they will fight your corner for you in disputes from bookings.

How does it work?
Well, first of all, the next two pages you will see are plain text and will open in a new tab/window this is intentional as we are going to print the contract at the end.

Step 1: Click the button below to go to the contract form and fill out all the boxes.

Step 2: When complete at the bottom of the form click the "create contract" button and you will be taken to the full version of the contract based on the info you just entered.

Step 3: Hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and press "p" to print the page or right click the page and choose the print option. Remember to print two copies one for you and one for the venue.

Step 4: I recommend you send BOTH copies to the venue with a letter asking the booker to sign them and send them back to you. Then you sign both copies and just return the venues copy to them. This is the point where I would send posters too AFTER they sign the contract.

If you want an easier system for this where they can confirm online then again check out Giggio

NOTHING in the contract wizard form is stored or sent anywhere. If you refresh the form page you will be starting again. You can not create a contract then come back and print it later. This is a very simple wizard it does not store or save any data.