How It Works

So what info do you provide?

This site is a searchable database of venues which gets added to every week.

Just search for a venue, if it is listed on the site you will see all the info you will need to be ready for your gig.

If you are about to go to a venue that is not listed then please take 5 mins to submit it when you do the gig, this will help HUNDREDS of other acts in the future.

There are all sorts of bits of information that you would not know or that would not be included on an agents confirmation. Just click the button to see an example listing in a new window. It is easier to show you how useful this site can be by going through a listing.

Who provides all this info?

The acts that use this site do and we hope you will too. Here's the thing we all get to a venue, set up then spend one to two hours twiddling our thumbs while we wait for the first spot. It takes literally a few minutes to gather enough info to add a venue to the site, there is a simple form in the navigation to submit a new venue. You can do this on your phone when at your gig.

After you have set up and sound checked, go back to your car, fire up your video on your phone and walk us into the venue so we can see how far you carried your gear, show us the stage, the room size, the dressing room, give us a little guided tour have fun with your commentary and upload the video after you fill out the add a venue form.

Once your listing is approved you can also add a little review of the venue and how your gig went so that other acts can share your experience.

What areas do you cover when it comes to venues?

We are hoping to cover the WHOLE UK. This again depends on you and our other members. The more members we have all over the country the more venues we can document and the more useful the site gets.

PLEASE invite as many other entertainers to our site as you can. The more acts we have joining in the more useful the site gets.

Also please consider joining our newsletter so we can keep you up to dates on developments at the site we also share great deals and finds specifically for entertainers to either save you money or time. These are infrequent and you can unsubscribe at any time.