How you can help

On this page we will cover how you can help us make this site really useful.

Invite other acts

This may sound obvious but the more entertainers we have, the more venues we can get listed and the more useful the site gets. If you can invite other acts for us it helps keep advertising costs down and will hopefully mean we can continue to offer free memberships.

Submit as many venues as you can

If you have a free membership with us please consider supporting us this way. It really takes no time at all to shoot a quick video on your phone, take a few photos and fill out our add a venue form. We all sit at venues twiddling our thumbs waiting to go on. All we are asking for is a few minutes of that time to help your fellow entertainers.

Upgrade to a sponsored membership.

This is only £10 for three years and not only will it save you renewing each year it will help us pay the bills and advertise the site. You can upgrade by clicking here. We will also give you a mention on our sponsors page.

We want this to be a really useful resource for all professional entertainers, with your help we can make that happen.