Our Sponsors

We would like to thank the acts/people below from the bottom of our hearts for helping fund Club and Pub info. All these people have either purchased a sponsors membership or have contibuted in a massive way to help us make this site successful.

Superstar Sponsors

Jon Hilton - Jon paid for a couple of months hosting for us with his generous donation. You can visit Jon's Facebook page here.  Jon Hilton Entertainment

3001Web - The awesome company that built this site. Need a website for your act? Highly recommended. Click here for more info.


Andrew Stevenson- Thank you, Andrew, you are a star!

Kelly Ross - Thank you, Kelly, you are a star!

Johnny Steel - Our very first supporters account. Johnny, you are a legend. Johnny is a retired act and so has very little use for the site he just joined to support us. Thank you for your help you are a gentleman.

Special mentions

Garry Desmond - He came up with the idea for the site, pays the bills and maintains it.
Shorrel Benjamin - A founder member who submits a ton of venues in practically every venue she works in.