Skegness Railroad Club

Grantham Dr, Skegness PE25 3RN

About the Venue

Grantham Dr, Skegness PE25 3RN

Performance Area Location

Ground floor

Description of load

Carpark is massive double doors a very short walk to the small stage

Changing facilities

Office or other room

Images of inside of venue.

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Video walkthrough

About the gig

Number and length of spots

3 x 30 mins

Spot times

Saturday night is Bingo Night 9pm 10pm and 11pm with Bingo in between


Self-contained only

Smoke machines allowed?


Payment method

Cash on the night

Material preferences

Mixed 50s 60s 70s little bit of reggae and pop

Age of audience


Children in the venue when performing?

Children present

Lights Needed?

Not needed


Just tops will be fine

Noise/Decibel meter installed?


Any other info or the authors review of venue

Very Friendly Club Books Direct or via Agents They dont like it too loud Bingo wallers leave at 11pm after last Bingo game so dont be disappointed if they leave your last spot will be lively as everyone gets up to dance you do get dancers 1st and 2nd spot but depends on the Music if its 50s 60s you will get them up,no need to turn up at 7pm unless you really need to do a sound check but 8ish is ok DO not interrupt the bingo you’ve been warned lol Very Rare Children are in the Club Sat nights but well behaved children are allowed

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  1. Garry on 24th August 2019 at 3:23 am

    No dressing room available on Friday nights it is used for a meeting. Disabled toilet to change in.

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