What you have helped fund.


Welcome to a page that not many members get to see. Let me take this opportunity to thank you personally for buying a sponsored membership.

By sponsoring the site you are helping me keep it going. Club And Pub Info has never been about making money I just want to get acts working together to build something really useful for all of us. Achieving that is not proving easy but I will fight on to try and get entertainers submitting venues regularly.

I built the site myself (my other business when not gigging) so that didn't cost much just time and a few little plugins I had to buy for some of the functionality, that said there are regular costs to run the site on a monthly basis. This is what you have just helped me pay for:

Pro Managed Web Hosting: £15.99 per month
Vimeo fees to host the videos without ads £16 per month
Monthly access to premium video editing software we use to make our little video ads £14.35 a month
Domain name £14.99 a year.

You will also be added to our sponsor page as a bit of an extra thank you.

Thanks again for donating you have really helped.

Garry Desmond